Practicalities of working in a Veterinary Practice whilst Pregnant

In this webinar we’ll look in detail at everything you need to think about when working in a veterinary practice as a pregnant vet or nurse:

  • Your rights at work
  • The practicalities of those rights in practice-what you and your practice need to do
  • The risks involved in being a pregnant vet/nurse and how you can keep safe
  • The practicalities of working as a vet/nurse whilst pregnant-what do you need to think about
  • Options around maternity leave
  • Planning for when you return
  • Childcare options
  • Your role in the practice when you return

This webinar provides a body of proactive, practical information and advice about what you need to think about and do now that you are pregnant and working in a veterinary practice.

Listening to it will help you gain clarity, enabling you to gain confidence and create a plan of action of what you and your practice needs to do now you are pregnant. It will allow you to continue to work effectively and safely whilst pregnant making the choices that are right for you and right for your practice.

Is it right for me?
This workshop is designed for vets and vet nurses.

It is also ideal as a source of information for practice managers and partners who want to know what their role is when a member of their clinical team becomes pregnant.

The cost is £40 for unlimited access for 1 month

Pregnant Vet Webinars
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