“No matter how much you think you’re in control of your life and work there is always room for improvement. I would have never actively thought that I needed to be coached as I do a lot of coaching myself however I was wrong! We all need a good coach and mentor to help keep us on track and driven. Before doing my sessions with Carolyne I had lost a lot of my drive and passion. This was hard for me to accept and discuss as I have always taken great pride in myself in these areas. Carolyne help me find my drive and passion again not only in my work life but also made me see how important not to allow work to over shadow your family life! I now have very good balanced and clear approach to both areas in my life.” Donna Kennedy

“I have found out so much about myself doing this course. I have been running away from certain issues for such a long time it became normal. Without having to go into detail Carolyne helped me face these issues and resolve the fear attached to them. I am a new person and looking forward to finding out who I am.” Nicola Clerk, Practice Manager, Scotland.

“I have found coaching very beneficial and to have Carolyne to bounce ideas of approaches to things was invaluable. I was not taught personal skills in school or university and it is often difficult to take time to work on yourself. However, its necessary. It has helped me to focus better, be more productive and to have more confidence in what I am doing. It also helped put things into perspective and helped me to build resilience. I am happier.”Alison Hall, Veterinary Surgeon, Henley House Veterinary Clinic

Don’t wait till you are stressed out of your box at work, don’t wait for your work life balance to get destroyed – you won’t notice it happening, don’t get to a point where you never get your stuff done and that’s just how life will be forever more, don’t force yourself and your ideas on your team and expect things to get done your way only to despair when it does not happen. Carolyne has been my coach, the voice inside my head, my health tonic, my support and my ally. Her veterinary past puts her in a league of her own when it comes to our profession. My one regret is not having embarked on this journey many moons ago. She has made me understand that there is a way of having my cake and eating it! The point is – everyone would benefit from her work whoever you are and whatever stage of life you find yourself in. But for the veterinary profession it should me mandatory. Life is too short not to be utilising tools that are right there in front of you to help you journey through life in first class. I for one will be continuing with Carolyne’s coaching indefinitely.” Veterinary Surgeon and Practice Owner

“The coaching programme has had a high impact on my life as I now love my job again, know where I am and where I want to be. I am more capable of dealing with difficult situations and better at managing my time and enjoy life outside work a lot more” Marta Reis, Assistant Veterinary Surgeon

“Coaching has been a more consistent approach to changing things in my life as opposed to hearing about a good idea, using it for a little while then forgetting about it, and because of this I am hoping it will be more effective at helping me sustain long term changes. It has helped me get past some ‘blockages’ when I have had either indecision or over-analysis paralysis and helped me to find a way through. I believe I am more bought into the process having been guided into coming to realisations by myself and making my own commitment to changes than I would be if anyone gave me advice or told me what to do.” Laura Playforth, Veterinary Surgeon, Head of clinical operations VetsNow

“I have really enjoyed the support Carolyne has provided, knowing there was someone available to talk to about things that I maybe wouldn’t approach with family and friends and always looked forward to the sessions. Also learning new techniques to think and feel more positive. I came away from each session feeling really motivated and the advice given was practical and easy to fit around day to day life.” Kathryn Mowbray, Head Nurse, Vets4Pets

“I have found this programme to be extremely helpful and beneficial in both my professional and personal life. I would highly recommend anyone to undergo the DISC profiling with Carolyne. The programme is tailored to the individual so you get the most from it. Thank you very much for all the great advice.” Sarah Benzie, Veterinary Surgeon

“I found Coaching with Carolyne an invaluable experience. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I had just gone back to work part-time after having my first baby and the practice had undergone major changes while I was on maternity leave. Carolyne understood the difficulties at home and at work, she put me at ease. The coaching provided me with focus and clarity, enabling me to figure out goals for each aspect of my life and put plans in place to ensure I attain those goals. DISC Personality Profiling was a really useful tool which helped me understand the personal dynamics of working as part of a busy team. I continue to use the techniques I have learned, thank you Carolyne!” Emma Ridgeway, Assistant, Willesley Equine Clinic

“This coaching programme has been hugely beneficial in helping me improve my confidence in the veterinary sector as well as providing me with a new sense of direction. Throughout the coaching sessions I have gained a wide range of tools which will enable me to make the changes I need in order to achieve my life goals. The whole programme has been such a valuable experience and I am very grateful to Carolyne for all her help.” Veterinary Assistant, Norfolk.

“I have found the whole experience rewarding and it has benefited me a great deal. It really has helped to focus my aims and provide real results. It has been really important for me to work alongside someone who truly understands the unique pressures of veterinary life. I would recommend Carolyne to anyone looking for help both professionally and personally. She has helped me enormously.” Duncan Ballard, Director B&W Equine Group Ltd

“In my opinion, Carolyne is the perfect professional coach for veterinary surgeons because she completely understands the pressures of our professional lives, as well as life outside work.” Jo Arthur, Assistant Veterinary Surgeon

“Undertaking Personal Performance Coaching with Carolyne has been a really motivational, enjoyable process and from start to finish she has put me completely at ease, encouraging and guiding me through the sessions in a friendly, caring and professional manner.  Coaching allows you to discuss both positives and negatives along the way and encourages you to implement a plan to help you settle into a happy working life. I found that it really raised my self-awareness too. The bottom line is that individually we hold the answers which will allow us to live and work in a far more goal-orientated, positive way. The key is having someone to help you unlock those answers and for me I would recommend personal Coaching with Carolyne every time.” Carys Chadwick Assistant Veterinary Surgeon, Bristol 

‘Coaching has proved a very effective way to provide focus on what it is I want to achieve. It has allowed me to complete jobs which had been lurking in my in-tray for months! Coaching has made me identify why it is that a task needs doing and what it is that will improve as a result of it being done. As a result I feel better able to delegate certain tasks too. Coaching is very positive and forward looking – it doesn’t focus on past failures or old habits. I would thoroughly recommend it as a process, it’s painless, constructive and definitely time well spent!’  Hannah Sampson MRCVS, Partner at The Hay Veterinary Group

“Working with Carolyne has had a major impact achieving a new job which I had been struggling with for some time. The life coaching helped me to see what was important and that there would be some sacrifices in order to achieve what I wanted to achieve in other areas, the total of this would equal increased happiness, contentment and place in the world.” Dr Land, Research Lead, Macmillan Cancer Support

“Carolyne is an excellent coach. Coaching has equipped me with skills to apply and ensure I manage my time and prioritse tasks within both my home and work life. I now use my time much more efficiently. Carolyne is very supportive, committed and enthusiastic, I would give her the highest of recommendations and am extremely grateful the impact her coaching has had on my life.” Sabrina Rind, Senior Appraisal Pharmacist, All Wales Therapeutic and Toxicology Centre

“I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Carolyne Crowe. With a very positive and consistently analytical approach, Carolyne helped me to recognise my own goals and has supported me through achieving things I’d never thought possible. Her questions provoked changes in my established ways and now I find I am much clearer and efficient at home and work. I have already forwarded her name onto both clients and friends who would benefit from Carolyne’s coaching techniques.” Lucy Lazaro-Keen, Owner of Equine Consulting.

“I found the sessions with Carolyne hugely productive. The value I gained, across all aspects of my life, has proved to be a great investment. I genuinely left each session positive and inspire and, because I took away goals, actions and benefits, they were feelings that stayed the course. Carolyne has taught me to employ a more thoughtful approach to everything i do, to understand my motivations but most importantly to measure my decisions against the happiness i will derive. Thank you!” Deborah Brock-Doyle, Service Level Manager, Capita.

“Carolyne and I focused on my career goals. She was excellent in drawing out specific goals each session in relation to my main goal of progressing to a more senior role at work.” J.D Assistant Veterinary Surgeon

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