Developing Resilience

Personal resilience is the capacity to maintain wellbeing and work performance under pressure, to have a readily available tool kit to Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 08.51.17draw from to stay mentally and physically strong and bounce-back from setbacks effectively. It is arguably the most important resource for coping well during challenging times.

Stress is the feeling of being out of control. Resilience is maintaining control in the face of adversity.

Key benefits of being resilient:

  • Greater flexibility,
  • Higher energy,
  • Improved mental agility
  • Consistently perform at your highest level.
  • Have and maintain strong relationships and support networks
  • Capacity to see the future and “go for it”, to cope with challenges and overcome them and to see the options and gain clarity.
  • Ability to accept change and see it as an opportunity as well as to solve problems.

All of these characteristics help you to amplify your performance, your productivity and deliver results. Something we all want in ourselves and in those we work with.

How do we become more resilient?

Our natural resilience is a combination of personal characteristics and learned skills – and the great thing is everyone can develop their skills and become more resilient. At times of change and growth resilience becomes increasingly important for both individual and business performance.

Resilience training is relevant and essential for everyone in a team. The interactive training I deliver is designed to provide your leaders, managers and teams with the necessary skills to develop and enhance their resilience to respond effectively to the challenges they face and to thrive both personally and professionally.Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 09.11.43

How is the training delivered?

My Resilience training programmes are tailored to your needs and can be delivered to suit your requirements.

  • 1 on 1 Coaching programme to develop a more resilient you
  • In house training to build personal resilience within your practice for a group of individuals or your entire team
  • As specific line management training workshops to empower your managers with the skills to develop their own personal resilience and enhance team strength and resilience.

Resilience training for Individuals

Ideal for those wanting to develop personal strategies so they can effectively draw on aspects of their personal resilience to cope and respond positively to a variety of situations.

Delegates will learn:

  • The relationship between pressure, stress, performance, wellbeing and resilienceScreen Shot 2016-02-13 at 08.53.36
  • Tools to cope better with the pressures they face, developing a more resilient sustainable approach
  • A more flexible, adaptable and positive approach to change
  • Improved creative problem solving skills
  • Strategies to identify and enhance personal strengths whilst working on weaknesses
  • The importance of and how to set personal boundaries and manage expectations
  • How to become more level-headed and objective under pressure
  • How to reduce the risk of illness +/- burnout by embracing the key principles of physical wellbeing
  • How to proactively and positively communicate with others to build, strengthen and maintain positive relationships

9th March 2017 Leeds

25th May 2017 Bristol

Resilience training for Team Leaders

Resilience is now a key competence for all managers and leaders working under pressure and during periods of change. This training course helps all those with a management role improve their personal resilience as well as supporting the resilience of those they work with.

This training provides practical tools and techniques for managers to understand their role in relation to the wellbeing, engagement and ultimately performance of their teams. The training focuses on both the strategies to build a more resilient workplace as well as the personal resilience of leaders and their leadership role.

The session explores the essentials of workplace wellbeing and the role leaders play in achieving a balance between support and challenging their teams.

Delegates will learn

In addition to the outcomes from the resilience training for individuals delegates will also:Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 08.52.40

  • Understand the impact that they have on the wellbeing of their team
  • Understand the differences between leadership and management, and the importance of both in the context of their role
  • Identify key steps to enable managers to manage change more effectively
  • Identify actions to improve the morale, performance and resilience of their teams, as well as themselves
  • Gain confidence in their role and their style
  • Proactively manage others to maximise team wellbeing and engagement

To discuss how you and your team can develop a more resilient approach, please contact me 


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