DISC workshops for Veterinary Practices


The most effective way to use DISC profiling in your practice is for the entire team to be profiled and then share key highlights and insights. In this way you will:
  • Learn how your individual styles interact
  • Recognise and adapt to core traits in colleagues
  • Begin to subtly flex your own behaviour in order to communicate more effectively with other DISC personalities on the team
  • Become a better manager / leader / team player
  • Appreciate and engage the differences between individuals in your team
  • Optimise the performance of each individual and further boost collective effectiveness
  • Recruit new team members who will complement and strengthen your existing team
  • Build productive, motivated, engaged and harmonious teams-surely something everyone wants to be part of!

These workshops take place at your practice at a time that suits you.

A typical workshop session would include:

  • Prior to the workshop everyone completes their own DISC behavioural profile
  • Day 1: Evening 2 hour workshop “Building your best team in practice”-all practice members attend
  • Day 2: Personal 1 on 1 feedback session for each member of the team on their own DISC profile
  • Everyone receives their own 18 page DISC behavioural report
  • Team debrief for the management team, highlighting the differences within the team and how to engage these differences

Give me a call or send me an email and find out more about how you can build your best team in practice.


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